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Let’s embrace Afro-expression | Nation



There has been a wave of awakening among people of African descent, including here in Kenya. Afro style is now the new cool. Afrocentric art is increasingly being used in branding.

It is no longer uncommon to see tribal patterns on products and even as the interior decor of high-end restaurants and cafes.

Additionally, afro-style is widely featuring in outfit and accessory styling. Some of the socially trending pieces of jewelry have a touch of Afro, mostly comprising brass, cowrie shells and local stones.

Ankara materials have become so versatile that they can now fit a corporate look. We are starting to see dark-skinned dummies displaying outfits.

Hairstyles, especially among women, range from nappy natural hair to locks. There have also been synthetic sets and extensions styled on natural Afro-hairstyles.

Natural hair market

The natural hair market is currently booming, and it’s admirable to see that the beauty industry increasingly understands the needs of its African clientele. Local natural hair brands have been a roaring success, particularly in formulating products based on organic oils.

People largely appreciate their tribal names and identify themselves using their middle, maiden or surnames. The use of African languages, which was previously frowned upon, has gone a long way in promoting positive ethnicity.

 In the entertainment industry, great films have been produced that celebrate Africa. These include Country Queen, Woman King and Wakanda.

Afrobeats, Bongo, Afro-fusion and Amapiano music resonate with Kenyans more than every before.

Conversations are also emerging in social media that implore people of African descent to embrace their identity and authenticity without perpetuating prejudice against others.

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