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Lupita Nyong’o’s Alleged Gay Brother, Junior Proposes to Girlfriend Wanja Wahoro




Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s son, Junior Nyong’o has reportedly proposed to his long-time girlfriend, singer Wanja Wahoro.

Junior proposed to Ms. Wahoro during a private engagement party attended by close friends and family on Saturday.

Among those who attended the party are Karen ‘Kaz’ Lucas and Deejay Kace. Karen shared photos of the party on social media.

The two are said to have purchased the engagement ring at the same jewelry shop that made the famous ring that was used in the Lord of The Rings Blockbuster trilogy as they are huge fans of the best-selling book.

During the engagement party, Junior wore a blue and white floral skirt.

Junior was on several occasions in the past photographed wearing female attire including thongs and dresses, sparking rumors that he is gay.

In May, Junior responded to an online user who claimed that he is gay.  In a tweet, a user identified as @jamrick_m alleged that both Junior and his sister Lupita are gays.

“Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o son is a woman & his daughter a man! What! a……..Bizarre! So wameamua tu kumaliza mzae (dad) kabisa n cancer is knocking enyewe money at times is shitty I’d rather die than live to see my kids emulating that Western f*cking culture,” @jamrick_m tweeted.


Responding to the user, Junior noted: “You didn’t even have the COURAGE to @ me. At least I live my life with the self-love and confidence you’d only dream about. Simply hate to see it.”

This prompted another user, @jackrobinz to ask Junior to set the record straight about his sexual orientation.

“ @JuniorNyongo just to put things clear for me with no intention of offending you..are you gay? A cross-dresser? transexual? Semenya-like? or just a man fascinated by female wear?” posed @jackrobinz.

In his response, Junior refused to give a definite answer and simply said: “I’m a proud Luopean.”

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