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Mr. Bernad Kilonzo a 35 year old man who was given  contract by one of the secondary schools in Makueni has impregnated 10 school girls in the school.




School Management Committee (SMC) 
confirmed that 10 girls in the institution are pregnant and the person
responsible in Mr. Kilonzo.

Mr. Kilonzo was given a 1 year
contract to finish painting the ladies’ hostels by the school management. He
however sneaked behind the supervisors and teaches to sleep with the high
school girls in their dormitories




The ladies confessed that they fell
in love with Mr. Kilonzo describing him as loving and luring man, not knowing
that they may get pregnant.

The school head was very
disappointed with such reckless axts by one Mr. Kilonzo who now on the run and
can’t be traced.




According to police chief the
culprit will only be arrested and prosecuted if the girls’ parents produce
their birth certificates as proof of age.

He further
urged other parents to report such matters early enough to the police and his
office to ensure that culprits are brought to book.





The officer said the community also needs
training on how to counsel victims because the number of underage girls’ pregnancy
cases in Makueni has increased.

The County Education Commissioner has however urged the school to do a serious background check on whoever they are employing in school. Indicating that some people cannot be trusted with young ladies and therefore cannot work in that environment.




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