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Man admitted after responding to a call of Nature



Police in Kakamega are holding a man who brutally assaulted another with heavy blows and kicks, for responding to a call of nature at a public place.

Jared Otieno, 30, was arrested yesterday afternoon within Kakamega’s Dharau area, moments after the serious assault on the 24-year-old victim.

The man had taken a leak at a public place oblivious of a clear warning inscribed on an adjacent wall, “Kojoa Hapa Uone!” No sooner had the victim finished his business than Otieno emerged and rained blows on his face, totally disfiguring his jaws and leaving him with a black eye.

Efforts by curious onlookers to calm a furious Otieno who had taken the county by-laws into his own hands yielded little results, forcing them to call police officers from Kakamega Police station who arrived immediately.

As the suspect was ushered into a waiting police land cruiser, the badly injured victim who could not open his mouth due to the extent of his injuries, was rushed to Kakamega General Hospital for specialized medication.

Elsewhere, two women masquerading as Good Samaritans who stole a new-born baby boy and altered the birth notification details when the infant’s young mother was fighting for her life at a labor ward, are at the verge of serving 30 years jail term if found guilty of charges preferred on them today morning.

The two, Judith Ingahitzu, 47 and her aunt Florence Musimbi Abulu, 62, were arrested on Friday 15th October, 2021 by DCI’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit (AHT&CPU) detectives, acting on a tip-off reported anonymously through the DCI hotline.

The anonymous call from a curious member of the public reported of a miraculous baby boy born to a village woman who, unlike the biblical Mary mother of Jesus, was never seen carrying a pregnancy.

Equally awed, detectives manning the DCI hotline center alerted their ever-ready AHT&CPU counterparts, who immediately swung into action by dispatching a team to Kakamega’s Matete area on a fact-finding mission on October 14.

A day of scrupulous search in Matete area bore fruits when the 1st suspect (Judith) was spotted at her home lulling “her” bundle of joy.

The mother of four older children could hardly stand the presence of her unwelcome visitors, but her husband, with whom she has had no child over their marriage period, invited the detectives’ probe into the case.

In what would lead to the unearthing of an underworld of dreaded child traffickers who preyed on voiceless young mothers, Judith’s husband revealed that he hadn’t been aware his wife was pregnant until she appeared holding a day-old toddler that she wouldn’t breastfeed.

Further, the birth notification provided by Judith had been altered using a white out, and the parents’ names entered by hand using a ball pen.

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