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Man Apologizes for Lying About Willy Paul Neglecting His Mum – Nairobi Times



Man Apologizes for Lying About Willy Paul Neglecting His Mum – Nairobi Times

A Kenyan content creator identified as Zeddy Paul has apologized after making a trending video about Willy Paul’s mother.

The content creator apologized for lying and using the musician’s name to chase clout and to get Willy Paul’s attention.

“Hey, I’m zeddy paul the guy behind the trending video on willy paul’s mother house . I would love to apologize for what I did . willy has always been my idol. It has always been my dream to work with him since my highschool days, I’ve done cover songs of his songs, tried reaching him through social media and his close links lakini haijai make . I decided to use this so I could reach him fast . I never intended for this to happen, I respect every parent and you willy paul. Quick recovery to your mum. I’m really sorry and I hope you take my reason for consideration.”

Zeddy had made a video outside a house that wasn’t in a very good state. The content creator claimed that Willy Paul’s mother lived there and her son had neglected him despite living a good life in the city.

In the video The content creator cried as he called out for Willy Paul’s mother claiming she was inside and the two were blood relatives.

Earlier, Willy Paul had expressed how much it pained him to see a person using his sick mother to chase clout and to make him trend for the wrong reasons.

“I think I’ve had enough manze. I’ve worked for this name saaana. Nikiona how people use my name for clout inaniweka tu uzuni.. hakuna kitu imeniuma kama hii.. yaani my mother is very sick alafu some clout chaser anakuja kumtaja kwa uwongo?”

The musician has asked his fans to help him locate the content creator so that he could teach him a lesson. He expressed that he wish the man had used his own name instead of including his mother in his plan.

“Basi angenitaja tu coz mimi watu wamezoea… why drag mamangu kwa upuzi?? Please anyone with information ya place uyu jamaa anaweza patikana akuje atusaidia hapa.”

Willy Paul’s fans also supported him adding that it was wrong to drag parents in social media drama just to gain some views.

“We definitely have to DRAW A LINE😬This is below the belt manzee! Quick recovery to mum Willyyy🙏❤️.”

“No one would let their mother suffer if they have money hata kama ni clout hii imezidi bana..huyo jamaa awekwe ndani two weeks minimum.”

“Pozze mchukulie action genje ndo awe funzo kwa wengine wenye wanaeza think of such an embarrassing idea💯😡😡.”

The musician has not spoken since the apology and fans are wondering whether he will take legal actions or forgive the guy.

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