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Man Cries Out On Social Media After He Found Out Son He Had Been Raising For 9 Months Is Not Biologically His



A man identified as Chef Dom has taken to social media in tears after finding out heartbreaking information about his 10-month-old son.

The individual in a lengthy post shared on Instagram revealed that the son he has been nurturing as his own for several months, was not his biological child, as revealed by a court order.

Chef Dom in his sad post appreciated everyone, both friends and family alike, that have played important roles in helping him raise the child he used to know as his own.

“First of all, I will like to thank every single person who has helped me raise this young little angel from God. You guys have seen him grow from day one.”

He recounted how the mother of the child left her baby just after one month and how he was left to raise the little one for the last nine months.

“It was not easy raising him alone but I had lots of help. His baby sitter never charged me a day of his life. She calls him her grandson. Then my parents came when he was 4 months my parents came back and stepped up and love this boy with all their heart. He changed all our lives forever.”

The dad revealed how he was ordered by a court ruling to return the child to his biological father, and how the news left him heartbroken ever since.

“So today went to court and was ordered to return him to his biological dad. Came to find out I was not his dad so I have by Thursday to bring him back like a rented toy to his dad. Yes, I’m heartbroken and hate the world or her for doing this and destroyed my family and the dad’s family.”

In a different post, he revealed how the development still feels like a dream to him noting that he was looking forward to celebrating thanksgiving and Christmas with the little one, but now he has to give him back to his parents.

Fiends and fans on social media condoled and praises with him for loving and taking care of the young soul.

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