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Man who sold his property, left his country to marry Kenyan 32yrs younger dumped



Man who sold his property, left his country to marry Kenyan 32yrs younger dumped

When 61-year-old Greg Twiss sold everything and permanently relocated from Germany to Kenya to marry a Kenyan woman, he never envisioned how the end would be like.

He had left everything behind to be with his wife, Ciru Njuguna and twin kids. He never imagined that he would one day have to be separated from his wife.

Despite the 32-year age gap in the marriage, Ciru and Greg seemed to make it work for them and everything was looking up for them. They were blessed with twin boys and the marriage was fairly stable, except for the ordinary partner squabbling once in a while.

However, the celebrated social media power couple are now no longer together. Ciru revealed in a youtube video that the relationship didn’t end because of the age gap but rather because both of them had different visions in life.

“Our visions in life were different and I wasn’t willing to stay in a relationship where I wasn’t seeing growth,” Ciru candidly spoke about the relationship with the 61-year-old man.

Greg Twiss on the other hand had his side of the story, sharing that Ciru was always discontented with the life that he was giving her. He says that he paid dowry for Ciru and she disliked the house he lived in, forcing him to find a four-bedroomed mansion house.

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Greg allowed Ciru’s siblings and a niece to stay with them in their house. When the pandemic hit, Ciru’s brother would homeschool her twin boys and Greg would pay him handsomely for that, while he still lived under his roof.

Things got rocky in July this year when Ciru moved out of her matrimonial bed with Greg for another room, before they eventually separated in August 2022.

The reason because Ciru demanded cash from him and wanted to be in control of the family’s hefty finances. Ciru accused Greg of treating her badly.

“She said she left because she felt I treated her below me and she wanted to control over our finances,” Greg said.

Greg says that he tried to make it work by supporting her with everything and even paying school fees for Ciru’s sister but in the end, “I was dumped like a banana peel.”

Efforts to salvage the marriage proved futile and in the end, Ciru forced her way and he had to let her go.

He recalls that when he first came to Kenya he didn’t want her to work because he had found her in a desolate state about 8 years ago.

“I didn’t want her to work because before I came she was working at a computer shop for Sh. 15,000 a month and wasn’t paid for several months, ” he said.

When Ciru moved out of Greg’s home, he gave her Sh. 100,000 and lots of furniture and paid her rent for that month after she had just moved out, so that she can be comfortable.

“When she moved out, I thought it was better for us to live apart and not as partners because we had troubles two months before separation,” he said.

In addition to that, Greg offered to assist Ciru with Sh. 90,000 monthly upkeep.

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