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‘Mara Heist’ Vice-Chancellor Set To Resume Duties At Her University As Workers Protest



Remember the Mara Heist Episode aired on Citizen Tv? Well, here is an interesting development to it.




Workers at Maasai Mara University have vowed to protest against the return of embattled Vice-Chancellor Mary Walingo who is set to resume duties on Sunday, March 9.

Walingo had been suspended over the alleged loss of Ksh190 million at the institution.




On Saturday, March 7, workers at the university complained that the VC was planning a comeback while the staff were not in the know of what was happening.

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“Walingo is determined to come back and we know the destruction and corruption she did in Maasai Mara University,” one of the workers stated.

“There is a lot of anxiety happening at the university and this is seriously impacting on the performance at the University. 




“As a way of expressing our displeasure and the delay in determining this matter, we are calling members of staff to be assembling at the pavilion for two hours every day starting 8 am with effect from Monday, March 9.

Additionally, the workers alleged that Walingo’s return would stall smooth learning at the University.




In the investigative feature compiled by journalists, Waihiga Mwaura and Asha Mwilu, and aired on Sunday, September 1, the VC was portrayed as the perpetrator of the entire operation.

According to the exposé, the suspects used coded language to swindle the institution in which the parties were referred to as cows and money as grass. To specify the value, a bundle of grass represented Ksh 100,000.




DCI detective swung into action shortly after the revelations were made and commenced investigations into the matter.

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