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MCAs spending: Are governors being held ransom?



Eating chiefs • As poor Kenyans are asked to ‘fuliza’ for drought victims, Kericho County MCAs spent millions wining and dining at a Nairobi hotel preparing to vet job applicants, while their Taita-Taveta counterparts flew to Zanzibar for a week’s bonding, notes W. Kimariech. “Are governors being held to ransom and is President William Ruto so helpless on this wastage?” His contact is [email protected]

The hidden hand • The biggest worry about GM foods, university don XN Iraki says, is over seed supply chain control. “GM seeds are not freely available like the traditional ones we easily recycle. They can even be patented. Whoever will control the seeds will control the food supply and food prices. That could be the big multinational corporations. Over to you, the Cabinet!” His contact is [email protected]

Dashed hopes • Residents of Koguta in Upper Nyakach were excited on hearing that the road from Nyamaroka through Sigoti would be tarmacked, says David Jasondu. However, they have just learnt that it won’t reach Bodi Market and Ogoro divisional headquarters. “Can’t it be extended to the divisional headquarters? Over to you, Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor!” His contact is [email protected]

Waiting in vain • A former employee of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut), Joe Ngige Mungai, is not a happy man at all. The Knut, which fights for teachers’ rights, apparently does not treat its own staff so well. “Three years since I left employment, I’m yet to receive my terminal dues. Why can’t the Knut pay me, a former worker, what is rightfully mine? His contact is [email protected]

Justice delayed• Much as crime must be punished after the conviction of suspects, elderly prisoners, some aged 70, and who have spent over 20 years in jail, should be pardoned, says Mwangi wa Karuga. “What threat do these senior citizens pose? Spending 10 years in prison for whatever crime is punitive enough. Even those outside prison are not saints,” adds Mwangi, whose contact is [email protected] 

Have a humane day, won’t you!

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