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MCSK’s defense over ‘peanuts’ payment to Kenyan artistes



Music Copyright Society of Kenya finally speaks after public outrage and artistes’ uproar over alleged ‘peanuts’ pay as royalties.

Just mid last week, Kenya’s music industry big wigs across the board, received payments as their music royalties but to their shock.

Celebrity rapper, Khaligraph Jones took the first step in exposing the disrespect accorded to them by the copyright society having received just Ksh 2,530, back and front.

Soon after, fellow artists followed suite to back up the expose that has since then gone viral.


Compelling the music body to respond to the allegations but in all earnest tried to defend themselves.

According to MCSK, they distributed royalties to all their 13,967 members but are yet to receive a dime from any broadcasters who exploit music.

MCSK’s tweets read:

Surprisingly, the same board earlier indicated that this is a ‘general distribution’ for artists nationally.


The umbrella body, Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO), issued a statement confirming the disbursement of Ksh 80 Million for the 2nd quarter of the year.

And according to the body, this amounts to 68% of total revenue amassed within the period.

Therefore the Ksh 2,530 that Kenyan artists have received is just but the first slice of royalty received this year. Further on, KECOBO states that royalties of the first quarter of the year will be disbursed ‘in due course’.

Years and still counting, Kenyan artistes are pleading with MCSK over their rightful pay via the campaign ‘Pay Our Dues, Please’.

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