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Meru woman and son were brutally murdered, post-mortem shows – Kenya Satellite News Network



Meru woman and son were brutally murdered, post-mortem shows – Kenya Satellite News Network

A post-mortem on the remains revealed that a mother and her son who were allegedly slain by her husband at Mitunguu, Imenti South in Meru, were brutally slaughtered.

The attack on five-year-old Caleb Muriithi nearly resulted in his decapitation, according to pathologist Paul Wambugu, who also noted that the boy was defenseless.

After performing the post-mortem, which was observed by family members and Mr. Daniel Kioko, the investigating officer, he stated that his mother Vera Kanario had been stabbed on the left side of her neck and had many stab wounds on the right side of her crotch.

“It appeared that they were both ambushed since they were defenseless. According to my observation of the bodies there were no injuries pointing at any of them defending themselves against the attacker. As a result of the injuries they both died of excessive bleeding,” Dr Wambugu said at Kanyakine Level Four hospital mortuary.

The primary suspect in the double homicide that occurred on March 25, 2023, in his home, Mr. Boniface Mutuma, is being held by police.

In his defense, Mr. Mutuma stated that there was a man in his house when he went inside on Saturday morning, according to a detective who is close to the team conducting the investigations.

“In his statement, he claims that when he knocked, the man opened the door and used the child as his shield which led to the boy being fatally injured in the scuffle,” he said.

Investigators will try to determine whether Mr. Mutuma knew about the accused intruder, which would explain why he was carrying a gun.

“His claim of the child being used as shield is totally inconsistent with the injury inflicted on the boy. If there was a scuffle this would have been evident in the type of injuries. But further investigations will reveal how the murders were executed,” the detective said.

Dr Wambugu said there was no evidence that Kanario was pregnant. Earlier, a friend of the couple, and Ms Dorcas Karegi, who worked for the couple as a house help, had both indicated that Kanario was pregnant.

“Detectives will be able to establish more information on this but what was clear from my analysis is that she had delivered her son through cesarean section evident from the stitch marks on her abdomen,” he said.

Mr Mutuma will appear in court on March 4, when the court will issue further directions.

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