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More than 10,00 people attended my music even in a stadium and my rivals could not believe it



KDRTV-My name is Simon and I am a musician. During the new year’s celebrations, I decided to organize a concert for people to come and have fun while ushering in the new year. I booked a stadium and even printed invitations for people to come.

I knew my event would get very good attendance because no other musician had organized any other concert. However, just 10 days to my event, my rival, a singer too, announced that he would have an event in the same date as mine.

We were very competitive with him since we sang the same kind of songs and though, he would not accept, I was better than him because if you went to YouTube, you would find that my songs had a higher viewership than his. He was always copying what I was doing and I knew he had made his event to coincide with mine because he wanted to see me fall.

To make matters worse, he made the entrance fee of his event a bit lower than me and even started using propaganda to make people hate my event and attend his. I tried reaching out to him to ask him to stop messing with my concert and he told me that he would make sure no one attended my event.

“You have always thought you are better than me and I will therefore make sure that your event fails,” he told me when I called him. That’s when I knew that the battle lines had been drawn.

I was already panicking since by the time it was four days to December 31, more people had bought his tickets than they had done mine. One of my team members asked to me visit Doctor Mugwenu to get a spell that would make people love my event more than they loved his.

I took his advice and called the Doctor who indeed assured me that he could help me get more people to come to my event. I met him the day that followed and he cast a spell of luck for my event. After that, I started selling more tickets and by the time it was the day of the event, all the tickets were sold out.

I tell you what, more than 10,000 people came for my concert and only less than 200 people attended my rival’s event. I was grateful to Doctor Mugwenu. If you want people to attend your event or even a fundraising, just visit Doctor Mugwenu and he will make it happen.

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Dr. Mugwenu says his spell casting powers work within 24 hours, and usually within the same day they are released. He handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning the lottery, protection of family and property, as well as accurately foretelling one’s future.

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