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Motorists beg police to crackdown on blinking brake lights – Nairobi News



Motorists are begging the police to crackdown on vehicles with modified brake lights that keep blinking.

Many are concerned on the side effects that the blinking brake lights have on the eyes of other motorists.

Two users posted videos of vehicles with modified brake lights. Many motorists concurred that the they are a menace to other road users.

“There are many like these usiku Waiyaki way. I always get a headache by the time I get home. ?,” commented MK.

“Traffic Police have failed to arrest these thick arrogant drivers. Nobody is authorized to modify the vehicle other its original manufacturing specifications! The bullbars, the roof rails/racks, lights and other modifications. Arrest them and make them pay for their foolishness,” wrote Ingutia Junior.

“This flashing lights are a danger & can lead to an epileptic seizure especially for those who live with epilepsy…@NPSC_KE you have failed in making our roads safe…You need to arrest & prosecute these traffic offenders including those who have put LED lights that are not specified,” stated Max Mash.

“Those lights are the most annoying and especially at night, motorbikers have also installed same blinking bright headlights, where is traffic police?” James Opere questioned.

“Brakes are the first line of security in a car. Primarily for the driver and for every other road user. They’re probably the most critical lights in a car for other motorists. Anything that creates ambiguity about your intentions as a driver is a risk for your own life,” wrote Tito Anthony.

The National Police Service on September 20, 2018 termed such modifications as illegal, stating that offenders would be dealt with.

“We have also noted that brake lights modification by private motorists and PSV owners is also on the rise and has been reported to cause untold suffering to other motorists, this is unlawful and insensitive too,” wrote NPS at the time.

Motorists are now urging the police to crackdown on these illegal modifications to ensure road safety.

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