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Motorola flip phone bounces back and going Sh153,000  only



The flip Motorola phone is back but with the foldable twist under the model Razr.

Pre-orders are to begin next month at select retailers in the U.S. as it hits shelves early next year.

So how does it work?  It still has a full touch screen but with ‘flexview’: the unique 6.6 inch display folds from up to down which protects the screen from cracks that could result from dropping the phone on a hard surface.

For it to maintain the fold, Razr will use a zero gap hinge which is protected by the outer shell when closed and an extra layer of glass on the screen when open.

At the bottom of the display is the chin like protrusion of the older Razr complete with a fingerprint reader, a feature on many phones today.

Unlocking the phone will reveal an Android like display. It will be operating on the Android 9 pie software coupled with a custom interface.

The phones have a menu which they call ‘Moto actions’ displaying icons that open the various features of the phone.

The home screen also has a Quick view function that allows a user to access their music, the camera and other basic functions such as notifications and time.

Motorola has used the 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 processor for the new Razr that comes with 6GB memory space.

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