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Museveni: Hard work Will Make You Rich, Not Prayers Or Fasting



The Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has stated that on one’s way to the acquisition of resources and wealth, hard work and not prayers and fasting is a non-negotiable requirement.

Applauding hard work and emphasizing that without it an individual has no compass, Museveni pointed out that hard work is a quality that has seen him through the transformation he has brought to the people of Uganda.

He rubbished claims that prayers and fasting would enable one to rise to riches, saying it is neanderthal and ignorant of one to harbor such wild and imbecilic thoughts.

“Stop hiding in the churches, go out there and engage in hard work,” the President advised.

Saying that he has taken it upon himself to ensure that hard work as a virtue is embraced by all and sundry in Uganda, President Museveni reiterated that the importance of hard work can never be underestimated in democracies that want to embrace the sophistication of the century.

President Museveni

Papa Museveni confessed that he took public pride as one of the longest-serving Presidents within Africa, whose administration embedded in sheer hard work, has enabled the state to rise to the global ranking of the day.

He called on Africans to embrace hard work, a quality with which an individual would boastfully brag that their next day would be way brighter than the previous one.

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He criticized nations whose economic development has been crippled times and over again and yet they still wait for miraculous economic turnarounds, saying that the only spice lacking among such nations is hard work.

The Ugandan President urged fellow heads of African states to adopt and instill the spirit of hard work in their citizens, adding that once it becomes a nation’s philosophy, the culture would be pretty hard to dissolve.

He recommended punitive measures to be taken against utterly lazy and retrogressive people, who did little or absolutely nothing to better their living standards. He pointed out that in Uganda, laziness is frowned upon by all citizens, adding that if and when riffraff is nubbed, a heavy penalty is taken against them.

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He congratulated his citizens for making hard work one of their most treasured qualities and not prayers, saying that it has greatly improved the economy of the nation

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