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‘My shaving costs Ksh 4500. There is nothing I can’t do’



Neno Evangelism founder pastor Ng’ang’a has said that he has learnt to ignore haters given that people love talking about him.

According to the man of God, If he had listened to everything the media said about him he would have never woken up.

‘There was a time Ng’ang’a was the only thing people were talking about.

All Kikuyu,Luo and Kamba stations were  talking about me.

News anchors would add salt to my stories, Never accept defeat. ‘

Pastor Nganga

Nganga went on to blast people who constantly criticize him without knowing all the facts.

‘I was sold this parcel of land (where the church is) by Central bank. They were DISPOSING it after a bank failed to pay its debts.

I started from Zero but people always talk about me even on things they do not know about.

Right now I live in Runda. People who are constantly talking about me live in places like Kawangware, Mwiki, Kihato, Korogocho, Mathare and other names not in the dictionary.’

Nganga added

‘Back in the day I used to be shaved in Luthuli avenue,with 75 sh. Right now I pay Ksh 4500 just to have my hair coloured and some other things.

I am at a  point where I can spend my money.

Instead of talking ill about me how about reaching out so that I can help you reach where I am?’


Ng’ang’a went on to add that he got angry with his church bishops after they started calling his wife a kid.

‘My wife and my secretary would call women for meetings to help them grow but people would refuse saying.

Hatuwezi itwa mkutano na watoto. That is where my anger started from.’

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