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My word: Where do you find your worth?





If there was no Covid-19 pandemic, we would be about two weeks back into the grind after a short Easter break. We would probably be rejoicing about the fact that Labour Day, May 1, falls on a Friday and we’d be scrambling to get a day off from work on Monday or letting our customers know who they should reach in our absence, so we can enjoy an even longer weekend.

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For parents though, this would mean an extra day for back-to-school shopping. We would grumble about buying yet another set of school uniform or pair of shoes for our growing kids.

But we are here, more than a month since schools closed, probably more than a month since customers stopped trickling into your business premises, a month since someone saw his or her colleagues face to face…

For some, more than a month since they stepped out without being afraid that they might be put in isolation and might not come home to their families. For others, it has been more than a month since they were home.

The reality that we live in right now is awkward because we don’t quite know if it is temporary or a little more permanent. For how long will this go on? Weeks? Months?

What is most uncomfortable is that we have been stripped of the things that made us. School-going students have become home-staying students (or movie watchers?)

Commuting workers have become work-from-home workers or are just not workers for those who have lost their jobs. Some are on unpaid leave or have had their salaries slashed.

As we are stripped of our physical identities, we need to find out who we are without these things. So you’re not a student any more. Who are you?


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So you’re not a corporate manager anymore? What is your identity beyond this? Who is a teacher who can’t teach anymore, or a pilot who can’t fly?

If you can find your worth when you have nothing, your value when no one needs you, your power when you have no title, and your purpose when you have no routine then you will be just fine.


Christine Koech, Editor, Eve

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