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Nairobi city CEO employs lover at liquor board – Weekly Citizen



Nairobi city CEO employs lover at liquor board – Weekly Citizen

Pressure is on to have Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja dissolve entire Nairobi county Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licensing Board due nepotism and corruption marring the department.

Weekly Citizen has information that acting Nairobi county secretary Jairus Musumba has employed his lover Rhoda Atieno at the liquor board to perfect the art of looting. The steamy love affair between Musumba and side-dish is the talk at the board with the lady openly boasting that she is hot in bed and while in the act, Musumba at the peak of things yells hell uncontrollably, shedding tears of joy in love. Atieno means one who was born at night.

Jairus Musumba

Atieno has told close friends, JM as she fondly refers to Musumba, is a sex hungry man who easily falls prey to any demand but puts on an innocent and deceiving face.

During a recent meeting between public accounts committee of the Nairobi county assembly, and officials from city county alcoholic drinks control and licensing board, tension was high as former director Nairobi of the liquor board Hesbon Angwena almost wet his pants. Angwena just like Musumba is said to have employed his family members in the board.

Angwena is said to have employed three of his children. It is further said that Angwena bribed members of county public service board to employ them.

Angwena’s two sons and a daughter, are on liquor board payroll. One of them is based at the Westlands subcounty liquor board where corruption is said to be rife. The chairman of PAC is Chege Mwaura who is Ngara ward MCA. Mwaura is also accused of using his position to negotiate for big deals at the county all in the name of protecting senior officers implicated in dubious deals.

Angwena and his cartel allegedly used to receive kickbacks to license clubs. Clubs are said to part with between Sh50,000 to Sh 100,000 to be licensed.

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