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Nairobi Governor Sonko Roots for Israeli Technology That Cures Cancer ‘Within a Day’



Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has vowed to bring to Kenya a new Israeli technology that ‘cures cancer in a day.’

In a social media post, Governor Sonko said he learned that an Israeli company dubbed Icecure Medical invented a device that freezes cancer cells within hours.

“From the presentation sent to me, the technology treats and cures cancer within a day by freezing cancer cells using a special device,” said Sonko.

In a video shared by Sonko, Icecure Medical Marketing Vice President Tlalit Bussi Tel-Tzure says the device completely freezes cancer cells, making them inactive. 

“Thanks to our technology, we can freeze tumors from different types and sizes. The earlier the patient is diagnosed, the smaller the tumor is, the faster and more efficient the treatment would be. Once frozen the tumor becomes inactive. Then the body performs its natural role of eliminating the dead cells,” said Tlatit.

Governor Sonko said he will sponsor 10 Nairobi residents who are battling cancer to Israel to test the technology and if proven to be effective, he will bring it to Kenya.

“I learned of the Israeli technology through Israel’s Good Deeds Day Global Organization based in Israel which awarded me as the Kenya Good Deeds Day Ambassador in recognition of my long-standing contribution in service to humankind,” wrote Sonko.

“To pilot the technology, I am willing to sponsor 10 cancer patients from 10 sub-counties in Nairobi to Israel as a case study,” he added.


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