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Nanok has a right to back Ruto, says ODM



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The Orange Democratic Movement has termed as inconsequential Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok’s change of political support.

ODM termed it as his political democratic right.

The Orange party chairman John Mbadi told the Nation that the move by Governor Nanok to support Deputy President 2022 presidential ambition was expected and is not a surprise to the party.

Mr Mbadi said the Turkana Governor, who is also a senior official in the party, stopped participating in party affairs long time ago and it was just a matter of when he will make his political move and not if.

“There is nothing new that has happened, some of the people serving their second and final term are looking for future political survival. Some want to be remembered through appointments in government,” Mr Mbadi said.

Minority Whip in the National Assembly Junet Mohammed said it was within the governor’s democratic right to associate and even make political movement.

“Even as he moves, it is on record and will remain in history that he served for two terms as a governor for Turkana in an ODM party ticket,” Mr Junet said.

“He might think the grass is green on the other side but there might also be drought,” warned Mr Junet who is also ODM Director Elections.

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi said that the journey to 2022 is still long and several alignments and realignments are expected along the way.

Mr Wandayi, who is also ODM director of political affairs, termed such moves by Nanok and other politicians as normal.

“As a progressive movement, we remain focused on our goal of establishing a democratic and accountable system that fosters on prosperity for all,” Mr Wandayi said.

The three MPs said the Raila Odinga-led party remains a movement where some people leave as others join along the political terrain.

On Saturday, Mr Nanok, the former Council of Governors chairman announced that he would support Dr Ruto in his quest to succeed President Kenyatta when his term ends in 2022.

“As 14 governors from Rift Valley, we are working on a plan to fully support the Deputy President and form the next government because the whole country is focusing on Rift Valley to produce the next president. As Turkana people, we want to be part of that government. I will not accept to be outside government again,” Mr Nanok, the ODM vice-chairman, said.

Mr Nanok also backed Dr Ruto’s opposition to a referendum to expand the executive being pushed by Mr Odinga, saying, he will reject it if it was meant to create positions for individuals.

ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna said on Monday that the party is yet to receive any complaint against governor Nanok to warrant any action from the party.

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