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Natamani sana kuwa na ndoa ili niwe na mume ninayemmiliki – a single Hamisa Mobetto confesses



Hamisa Mobetto is not a name new in the dating scene. The lass has been on and off relationships that never blossomed.

After partying ways with her American boyfriend, the Tanzanian video vixen declared she was done dating.

Hamisa Mobetto and her American ex-boyfriend previously while in Las Vegas

However, seems someone has touched her soft spot and the mother of 2 now wants to have a man she can proudly call her own.

Exclusively with ‘Risasi’, Mobetto hints on the possibility of wedding bells, if she gets a suitable man.

According to her, no single woman on the streets does not desire to settle down some day.

Sidhani kama kuna mwanamke ambaye hajaingia kwenye ndoa ambaye hatamani kuingia, kwa upande wangu kwa vile sijaingia kwa kweli natamani sana kuwa na ndoa ili niwe na mume ninayemmiliki.

At the time of her split with her American lover, Hamisa cited she is way too busy with business and family to be able to pay attention to relationships.

Niko single, I’m not in any relationship and I’m not ready for now. I’m very busy to the point sidhani kwamba mimi ninaweza kumpa attention kama ipasavyo,. Kwa hiyo kuna vitu ambavyo navifanyia kazi, focused on my work na muda ambao unabaki nautumia na watoto wangu. But that doesn’t mean that I will be single forever. Kuna hatua nataka nifike basi nikishafika pale ndo nitafikiria kuwa na mahusiono tena.

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