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Ni bora nife nikiwa naheshimika kuliko kufa halafu watu wataniongelelea vibaya – Ali Kiba



Tanzanian bongo star, Ali Kiba declares he’d rather die with respect than leave behind a bad reputation.

According to him, there is no need to fake lifestyle just for the fame that comes with it. Then days after his death, all the world can remember him for is the bad.

Speaking in a recent interview with Burundi-based media “Fanny”, the family man believes he has been living real and keeping it real with fans.

In the current age and time, King Kiba cites fact that many stars are faking their lifestyle, busy causing scandals and trying to grab the public’s attention just to gain popularity.

Sadly adding that this is what actually captures the hearts and attention of many while artists who keep it real, are drawn away from the public light.

However, what matters most to him, is the legacy he lives behind and being real and positive in this life.

Ni vizuri nife, ni bora nife nikiwa naheshimika kuliko kufa halafu watu wataniongelelea vibaya, wamekushusha dhamani. Ukiwa mkweli kidogo ni kama hawapendi, ama hawawezi kufuatilia, mpaka uadanganye, lakini kiukweli mimi napenda kuwa real, niongee vitu vyangu, nifanya mambo yangu ambayo yako very positive.

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