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No record of condom use here: Qatar Notebook Day 10



No record of condom use here but contraceptive available

Many major world sports events record huge sales or use of condoms. These events bring together thousands of spectators from different countries all travelling to enjoy the sporting action and concomitant festivities which include, presumably, sexual liaisons. Here in Qatar, sex outside marriage is illegal, but no one really knows what happens between the four walls in peoples’ dwellings. Be that as it may, condoms and other sex products can be bought in retail outlets in Doha and are openly displayed.

Kenyan federation can learn a lot from world tourney

Kenya sports federations and national teams who are sometimes averse to independent media scrutiny could learn a lot from the Qatar tournament. Here, every national team has an official media officer who coordinates activities between their teams and the press. The names and contacts of the Team Media Officials (TMOs) are readily available and journalists can make requests to cover the team via these TMOs. Most teams have one or two media officers, but Spain and England, for whatever reason, officially have four media officers, Germany has three. Surprisingly, world favourites Brazil, despite the huge media attention they command, has just one TMO!

Foreign exchange: Value of Qatar Riyal fixed

The value of the Qatar Riyal (QR) to other world currencies is fixed. For example QR1 exchanges for $3.62 whether the exchange of these pieces of legal tender were made in a bank or Forex exchange bureau. Black market Forex may exist but I have not heard of any. A foreigner making a foreign currency exchange transaction must provide details of their passport and Hayya Card, a digital document that acts as a visa for all visitors to Qatar during this World Cup period. Without these documents no exchange will be permitted. This is so different from Kenya where exchanges can be made in bureaus where some don’t even bother taking personal details. 

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