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Now that you are home; Here are 10 ways to reduce body fats





Most of the times the excuses that we have or give when it comes to taking care of ourselves or our bodies are absurd. Ok some are understandable.

There is no way you can convince a student who takes evening classes or a young mother to create time in the evening to work on her body.

They will start mentioning all these class projects or work deadlines they are supposed to beat. Question is, with all this free time what will your excuse be?

Most of us, young and old are trying hard to fight to get in our preferred body shapes simply by reducing body fats. 

Many blame it on the friends they keep, others blame it on their daily routine which restricts them from eating healthy. Question is, with all this time in your hand and all the freedom, what will be your excuse once the curfew is lifted?

Anyway, I happened to bump into a list of 10 ways that can help you reduce body fats and I thought why not share with you?


  1. Reduce sugar intake
  2. Consume healthy fats
  3. No white carbs (Rice, ugali, bread)
  4. Two – three litres of water per day
  5. Manage stress
  6. Increase green leafy veggies (Spinach, kales)
  7. Eat lean protein
  8. Move your body (dance around the house, go for morning or evening walks )
  9. Fresh lemon in warm water (I tend to shamelessly take my lemon in my tea and coffee and 4 o’clock tea)
  10. Love the body you have (Accept your body first then learn how to improve it)



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