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Offset reveals the one trait he dislikes in Cardi B



Cardi B and Offset are a cute couple and despite all the drama that surrounds them, they stay strong.

She finally did 73 Questions by Vogue and she allowed us into her personal life, her grandmother’s house. Though if you ask me I would have loved to see where she lives. I mean considering the money both of them make, I am sure the house is enormous.

Cardi B talked a lot about her love for music and why she hated it that with female rapper there always has to be drama involved. She also spoke about her love life.

She and hubby Offset have a baby girl, Kulture. Cardi expressed her desire that their daughter will be a successful and independent businesswoman.

In the interview Kulture was asleep and her father was on tour but he made an appearance via Facetime.

He was asked to tell the viewers the worst and best habit he sees in Cardi.

“Cardi B’s worst habit is being on her phone for 35,000 hours every single day. she is on her phone looking at her camera.” Offset revealed

The best habit he sees in her he said,

The best habit is how she takes care of Kulture and how she dresses her up and gets to do her hair. I love it.


The video call ended with them confessing their love for each other.

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Cardi B was also asked to give the best and the worst habit she sees in Offset

offset’s best habit is everything. His p**nis and is s*x is so good and worst is he burst in when I am in the bathroom because he wants to see if I will talk to myself.

Despite the two being famous in the music industry it can be hard to maintain a marriage full of trust but Cardi says that no matter what when you love someone, it will always work out.

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