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ONGAJI: Get rid of your fake friends





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As we continue ushering in the year 2020, like previous times, I bet some of us have lined up a number of resolutions we intend to achieve by the end of this year.

Of course there are some who do not fulfill what they plan to achieve, but there are others who religiously adhere to their goals and mostly attain nearly all them.

If you’re one of them, my advice to you this year is to add this one more important point in your list of goals you intend to achieve; getting rid of fake friends, be it on social media or your real life.

I’m talking about these “friends” who never show up in your life until they need something from you.

These are mates who never say hello be it through a call, text or a WhatsApp chat. But interestingly, you will discover they have your number when suddenly they have some fundraising event.


Guys who would never call or even text to wish you a happy new year. They never invite you for the niceties or during happy times, but they will be there to call you when hit by a calamity.

They wouldn’t normally look at you twice at work, and if you see them smiling while approaching you, then they need something or a favour they can’t get from anyone but you.


On social media, they never like your photos, comments, or even comment on your posts, yet they are the first ones to request for endorsements and recommendations, as well as invite you to like their pages and those of their businesses.

This reminds me of a certain lady; a former classmate in college.  She barely said hello to me during nearly the entire period of study, and instead our rare encounters would normally be greeted by sneers and some up and down looks.

But interestingly, one day, a few years after we had completed our studies, I got a message from her, requesting that I endorse her on LinkedIn so as to rank her more highly in LinkedIn search results.

I did what a normal person in my position would have done, I ignored her request and instead blocked her.

If any of these creatures exist in your list of “friends” it’s time to do yourself a favour and bring some sanity to your soul, by deleting all of them from the face of your life.

These are people out to suck every life out of you and leave you dry. They are of no value to your existence.

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