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Out of body sightings: the concept of hell is for control, heaven might also be empty



Many human beings have snippets of truth through their religions and denominations within those religions that paint to them what the truth is.

However, even the staunchest religionist has some doubts about the nature of god.

The problem is that, what most humans believe to be the most intelligent being aka God, doesn’t appear to everyone in the same way.

The other problem is that we think everything is physical, that’s why Christians believe that they will go to a place of peace, without suffering and sing all day, how boring? They call the place heaven.

As for Muslims, especially those that blow themselves up, they believe that they will reach a place where 72 virgins are waiting to be deflowered. How condescending?

Sex though is a form of worship. Dig this.

But I digress.

So, how then should every human being be?

Do you want to spend eternity singing or fucking?

Earthly male energy will choose fucking over singing. But I digress again.

Earthly concepts

Are those concepts even true or they are just earthly?

No one knows, but in each one of us, it’s written those truths about ourselves that we are blind to. There should be nothing like collective beliefs. It is hard to teach this but for peace, stick to silence.

What is there is just existence

Those questions that disturb you about your beliefs, why don’t your research them? Because surely you will find answers. Answers are everywhere.


You should start with the belief that you are more than the physical body.  Because, truly you have a mind, you think things and they become, you dream things and they teach.

In the higher states of knowledge, the concepts of hell and heaven are worldly. They don’t exist at all, especially for hell, it is a very worldly concept.

No one suffers forever. And this suffering seems locked to earth only. Now, haven’t your religious leaders failed to answer you on why a God of love would punish his kids? See you smiling, bingo! Awakening.

But you must learn love and make yourself unattached to material things and ego as the years pass.

How do we start then?

That’s the question.

Religion is spirituality for DUMMIES

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