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‘Parte after Parte!’ 18 KCSE Candidates Sneak Out of School For a Night Out



Authorities in Karachunyo, Homa Bay County on Sunday arrested 18 KCSE candidates for sneaking out of school to go dancing.

The 16 boys and two girls from Kobala Mixed Secondary School sneaked out of the institution on Saturday night and went partying at the neighboring Kobuya Location.

Even though it was a ‘sausage-fest’, the students who are sitting for this year’s KCSE exam danced past midnight and retired into a home in Wang’chieng’ Location where one of them comes from.

Acting on a tip-off, Wang’chieng’ Location Chief Peter Agunga arrested the learners on Sunday and called their parents.

He noted that the students used a ladder to jump over the school’s fence.

“I was called by a resident who told me that a group of students had locked themselves in a house. We rushed to the house where the students had locked themselves and found 16 boys. We took them to my office before being joined by the two girls. We handed the children to their parents who took them back to school. The school management has confirmed they returned and are taking their exams,” Agunga said.

Agunga called on all candidates in Homabay to adhere to school regulations until they complete their exams.

“Let students not engage in activities that are likely to spoil their future,” he added.

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