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Pastor Ng’ang’a embarrasses woman for carrying paper bag in church



James Nganga with his Lexus LF-570

Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre continues to hit headlines and this time round, he has embarrassed a woman for carrying a paper bag in his church.

Making her stand at the altar as the congregation watched, he asked her why she had wore rubbers and not any other shoes.

In her defence, the woman said that she carried the paper bag to put her Leso and the reason why she wore rubbers was that she left home while it was drizzling.

Ng’ang’a then went on to say that the reason the woman ‘Amechanganyikiwa’ was because she is old (48 years)

This video has left many angered by the fact that he humiliated this woman.

Check out the vide;

Useless Pastor ??how can a grown man like him humiliate a woman in front of people like this??!!!! A mother to someone ? someone’s wife too…. Ng’ang’a mavi ya kuku ?? shameless old man ????

Posted by Lucie Lee Mumbua on Friday, August 16, 2019

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