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Paying for a blue badge on Twitter, are you game?



Paying for a blue badge on Twitter, are you game?

It’s the age of paying for social media so, in this episode of 24Bit, we ask, will you?

Are you going to pay to get access to some exclusive features?

Meta (Facebook’s parent company that also owns WhatsApp and Instagram) is doing it. Twitter, under Elon Musk, is doing it aggressively. Our darling Telegram, well, got into the game much earlier.

It appears to be the trend and coupled with concerns about privacy, advertising, which has, hitherto, been the key revenue driver for social media apps and platforms, is no longer the darling it once was to both the people who run social media platforms as well as those who use them. Sure, it is not going away anytime soon but we are all in agreement that a lot more people are increasingly warming up to the idea of paying in order to not only have access to a bunch of limited or exclusive features but also to have some form of control over their data and digital identity.

Are you one of those people? What are your views on the matter? We’d like to know and you can sound off in the comments section below or on social media.

In this podcast, you will hear where we each (Dickson, Nick and I) stand on the matter as well as a breakdown of how much it costs at this time to unlock the premium tiers of Snapchat, LinkedIn and the other aforementioned social media platforms.

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