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Police storm Club Rixxos whose owner bragged about knowing president



Police officers on Thursday evening stormed Rixxos club in Kitengela after its owner was caught on video threatening a female employee and bragging that he was known to the president.

However, the officers could not arrest the owner as he was away.

Earlier, the National Police Service (NPS) had asked the victim to make a formal complaint for action to be taken against the suspect.

In a statement signed by Deputy Inspector of Police Noor Gabow, NPS asked the female employee to walk into any police station and record a statement on what had transpired.

“The National Police Service has taken note of a distasteful video clip circulating on social media showing a man alleged to be the owner of Rixxos Lounge in Kitengela harassing and threatening a female employee demanding her unpaid salary,” the statement read in part.

According to the statement, already police officers had kicked off investigations into the incident as they assured the victim that appropriate action will be taken against the suspect.

Told off one of his workers

On Wednesday evening, an amateur video made its rounds on social media where the man who is believed to be the owner of the lounge told off one of his workers that he would not pay her.

The man also threatened the woman that even if she reported the matter, nothing would be done to make him change his mind.

“I am not paying you. Kwani unadhani unaweza nipeleka mahali(Where can you take me)? There is nowhere you can take me. I talk to the President directly,” the employer is captured saying in the video which was recorded discreetly.

The woman is heard daring the man to beat her up if that is all he wanted.

However, the man is then heard telling the woman that she was of the same age as his son and that there was a need for her to show some respect.

He also threatened her that he was capable of making a move that would see the woman jailed since he was not in any way afraid of her.

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