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Pornographic lyrics dominate Gengetone! List of Kenya’s most ratchet songs



Kenyan music has evolved and as much as it is art, the kind of lyrics being dropped can make our parents die of heart attacks.

It’s said,

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

But listening to these songs makes us doubt the above statement.

Below are Kenya’s most ratchet songs.

  1. Funga duka nikupe thutha- Menace Himself

The title of the song loosely translates to ‘Close your cookie and give me your a$$hole’

Here is party of the naughty lyrics…

‘Niko madawa zimelipuka, Napaka na msupa ananishika lipunda. nimenonji naskia kumwaga

Nadai hio itina, funga duka nipe thutha,

Hio ngotha si unitolee, mboo imeganda tucheze na vidole,rausha haga niikojolee.’

(I am high and my my ‘stores’ have burst,my woman is playing with my manhood and I am so hard I feel like cumming.

I want to tap that a$$, lock your cookie jar and give me your derriere.

Remove your pants for me, my manhood is frozen so lets play with the fingers, loosen that a$$ so that I can pee on it.)

2. Wamlambez – Sailors

Part of the song’s lyrics read,

‘Hii ni ya madame wenye wanapenda chuma  na maboy fiti wanapenda kulima, dame akipita wanagurumu.

Akiiitika wanapiga bila huruma. ‘

‘This song is for ladies who love s#x and boys who love offering [email protected], when a lady passes by they call her out and when she gives it they tap it without pity.’

3. Lamba Lolo – Ethic

Lamba Lolo which translates to ‘Giving a man oral [email protected]’.

Part the lyrics say,

‘Piga goti eeh. Panua domo basi eeh. Ntoe lolounaeza chizi mpaka upige nduru hadi Kile. Shika toto figa inama. Ikiinama mi nabend ikibaki tana sani. Inasimama digide.’


4. Tarimbo – Ethic

The song was recently pulled down from YouTube after some Kenyans said that it was promoting sexual abuse on women.

Part of the lyrics say

‘Mi hupenda chapa na tarimbo, mi huchapa chapa nakanyaga na namwaga bila hata permission.

Anika kinembe unimeze nayo.’

(I love pumping with my mjulubeng, I tap it, step on it and cum without permission. Bring your nunu forward so that you can swallow me with it.)

5. Pekejeng – Sailors

The song by Kenyan stars Sailors talks about coitus in the rawest of forms. Read the lyrics below…

‘Legeza kiuno nipekejeng, legeza stake nipekejeng, legeze diaba nipekejeng.

Kuingia kwangu itabidi umeikunguta,Shika zigo kwa bra na ukaze ili mwenye hana abaki zile za ghai ghai ghai ghai.’

(Loosen you waist, thighs and ass so that I can f#ck you. You must smoke weed if you are to come to my place. Hold to her boobs tightly and don’t let go so that those who don’t have will be left saying ghai ghai ghai)

Below is the entire video

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