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President Uhuru Admits Kibra Elections Were Very Peaceful With No Violence



President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that for the first time in Kibra, ordinary citizens from all communities experienced a peaceful elections. This, to him was the biggest win. He has further said that such progress is the true meaning of the handshake, where all communities can live together despite political differences, and be able to work together.

The president has re-emphasized that the handshake is not about future political positions, but about uniting Kenyans. He has also expressed his disappointment with certain leaders insulting others and asked the Mt. Kenya region to embrace political hygiene and focus on development for the remainder of his and their terms.

While making a joke about how some want to inherit him while he is still alive, the president has said he will focus on the now and in the next few weeks, we will meet with elected leaders from the region to agree on the way forward for every county in terms of development, after which he will visit each of those counties to meet the people.

The above revelations have been made by Pauline Njoroge, an employee within the President’s circle.

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