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Puzzle as Form Three student dies in school – Kenya Satellite News Network



By Wanja Waweru

After their Form Three daughter passed away at Awasi Girls Secondary School, a family in Nyakongo village in Awasi, Kisumu county, is looking for answers.

The girl’s mother, Linet Akinyi, claims that she received a call from a teacher on Monday night about 11 p.m. informing her that her daughter was seriously ill. She claimed that without fail, the teacher had asked her to go that evening.

“Because it was very late, I told the teacher to allow me to go to school the following morning, but she insisted that my presence was needed urgently that night because my daughter was very unwell. I had to look for a motorbike to help me get there,” she narrated.

When students were just getting ready for bed, the mother claimed that her daughter Celine Awuor Otieno experienced difficulty.

When Mrs. Akinyi arrived to the school, her daughter had already passed away, according to her. She was questioned by the school administration about the 17-year-old girl’s past health issues.

“Teachers said she developed breathing complications when they were going to sleep. But my concern is why the school did not bother to call me when she was unwell,” said Akinyi.

“They said she was initially coughing. They are saying she was fine and only developed complications when she wanted to sleep.”

Mrs. Akinyi reported that her child arrived at school at the start of the semester in good health. The girl was taken to the hospital already dead, according to the hospital’s doctors, the girl’s uncle Alfred Randa reported.

“The school is however saying they took her to hospital when she was still alive. Although the medics said she had already passed on by the time they got to hospital,” said Randa.

However, the school chose not to comment on the student’s passing. The family is now requesting that the Ministry of Education look into the possibility that their daughter may have suffered harm.

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