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Queries As KTN Cancels Interview With Siaya Deputy Governor Oduol – Weekly Citizen



Queries As KTN Cancels Interview With Siaya Deputy Governor Oduol – Weekly Citizen

Top editors at the troubled Standard Group are reportedly divided over intrigues that led to the last-minute cancellation of a highly anticipated KTN interview with renegade Siaya deputy governor William Oduol.

Oduol has been on a rampage exposing corruption in Siaya County .


Inside sources both at the office of the Siaya governor James Orengo and Mombasa road-based media house alleged that a huge amount of money exchanged hands before the shocking turn of events.

The governor’s communication director Benjamin Agina and Orengo`s veteran bodyguard Osca Aluru have been placed at the center of the drama.

Here`s the protest  press statement signed by deputy governor Oduol in reaction to his predicament



Siaya, Kenya

In recent months, the residents of Siaya have witnessed a growing hostility between my office (Deputy Governor) and that of the Governor. This tension has been fueled by a call for transparency in the utilization of public funds.

Despite efforts to silence the truth, my office has remained steadfast in speaking out and demanding accountability. Unfortunately, my efforts to shed light on the matter have been met with frustration and resistance.

In a blatant show of censorship, my scheduled media appearance tonight on one of the local TV stations has been cancelled at the last minute due to pressure from the Governor’s office. This is yet another attempt to silence the voice of truth and prevent the public from being fully informed about the state of affairs in Siaya County.

I wish to assure the people of Siaya that I will not be deterred from my duty to serve with honesty and integrity. I remain committed to speaking the truth and fighting for transparency and accountability in the use of public funds.

It is time for the Governor’s office to put aside their interests and work towards the betterment of the people of Siaya. I further call on all leaders to prioritize transparency and accountability in the management of public resources and to uphold the principles of good governance.

I recognize the gigantic role of the media as the public watchdog and I will continue to engage with them and the public to ensure that the truth is brought to light and justice is served.

E CPA Dr. William Oduol

Deputy Governor, Siaya


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