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Radio Presenter Miss Mandi Has Nowhere to Hide as She’s Unmasked For Bullying Colleagues



The internet exploded on Thursday after former Capital FM radio presenter Miss Mandi made a tweet that did not sit well with a former male colleague.

She wrote: “I truly dislike people who aren’t big on accountability. You can go around doing things that hurt people then you are afraid to be accountable for your actions.”

Well, a tweep under the username Koome Gitobu called her out, claiming that she hurt him when they worked together at Capital FM.

“Just sitting here watching a person who constantly terrorized me and brutally bullied me the entire time we worked together to talk about accountability,” he said.

Gitobu said she would shame him in the office because of his ‘hustler’ lifestyle and simple clothing.

He added that Mandi gave him funny nicknames and even tried to sabotage his work.

“And to be very clear, we have worked in the same industry since then. We have crossed paths many times since. So where is this accountability she is talking about?” he posed.

Mandi was exposed to further criticism after it emerged that she once dismissed comedian Eddie Butita in a very brutal way when he applied for a job at Capital FM.

In a post in 2015, Butita unearthed screenshots in which Mandi claimed he was not funny and the station cannot employ jokers.

“Your clip did not make me laugh and I am beyond skeptical of bringing a comedian to my show.”

Butita thanked God that his career had taken an upward trajectory despite the mean comment from the former radio personality.

In addition, a few years ago there were claims that Mandi physically assaulted her former Capital FM news anchor Anita Nderu for allegedly staying too long in the washroom.

It is alleged that she was “too close” to her then boss and that’s why she would bully other employees.

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