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Raila: I Will Face Ruto in 2022 If Kenyans Want Me To Be Their President And Play Reggae



There has been growing speculation that Raila Odinga is preparing to run for the presidency again in 2022. Many say that he is using the BBI platform to build his political foundation for the 2022 presidential campaigns.




The politics of the handshake has also
been seen as a platform for creating new political alignments. Kirinyaga
Governor Anne Waiguru and other Jubilee big wigs have been seen with the former
premier in every BBI rally across the country.

Former Attorney General who is Busia County senator, Amos Wako who is also part of the BBI taskforce, in the past has urged Raila to reignite his political ambitions for the presidency. He said Raila is not too old to vie, supporting his remarks from the Bible and history.




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“When did Mandela took
over as South Africa president, wasn’t he in the 70s? When did Jomo Kenyatta
become president, wasn’t he over 70?”




“In the Bible, Moses took
over the struggle when he was 78. Raila are you 78? And in 2022, you won’t be
even 78. Raila will continue,” chided Wako as quoted by the standard.

However, the current trend of BBI politics is loud enough to clear out that Raila is rebranding himself for 2022.




Legislators and leaders that are aligned to Ruto have complained that they
are always mistreated in the BBI rallies and only Raila’s supporters are given
time to address the gathering.

DP William Ruto

Mr Odinga at some point has insisted that the BBI is intended to take Kenyans to the “promised land”. He said he realized it was time to change strategy as he waits for the opportune time to ascend to power.




“You have seen me change tack. This is a strategy. There are several ways that can lead us to where our ambition is,” he added

“We will eventually get to Canaan — the land of plenty where our
youth will get jobs, schools, health facilities, water, electricity and roads
will not be a problem. That is where we seek to take the country,” he




Mr Odinga has kept Kenyans guessing about his future political ambitions, with his critics asking him to retire from active politics.

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Many Kenyans now feel that Mr. Odinga is using BBI to show his political
muscles and grow his alliance towards 2022 to wrestle DP president William

If his latest pronouncement means he is going to contest the top seat one
more time, Mr Odinga becomes Deputy President William Ruto’s most formidable
opponent, given the massive support he enjoys in various regions especially
Nyanza, Western, Coast, lower Eastern and Nairobi.

Whether he will be able to rally other presidential hopefuls, including Mr
Musyoka, Mr Mudavadi, Mr Wetangula and governors Alfred Mutua (Machakos), Ali
Hassan Joho (Mombasa) and Wycliffe Oparanya (Kakamega), to his side remains to
be seen.

It also remains to be seen who between Mr Odinga and Mr Ruto President Kenyatta is likely to back come 2022.

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