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Raila launch push-back to counter Ruto’s dictatorship – Weekly Citizen



ODM leader Raila Odinga has explosively attacked President William, accusing him of facilitating the emergence of a darker form of dictatorship than what was witnessed under the late former President Daniel Moi’s Kanu era.

In a hard hitting press statement, Raila said the head of state has taken a machete to hack to pieces and mutilate the 2010 constitution , which he (Ruto) did not personally support.

His statement reads in part, ‘’that’s why from today, we announce the launch of that push-back we talked about a few days ago.

On 7th of December, at the historic Kamukunji grounds here in Nairobi, we will launch public consultations with the people of Kenya to brainstorm on the direction the country is taking.

We will return to the Kamukunji grounds on 12th December to continue with these consultations on the state of the Kenyan nation.

Finally, we wish to remind Mr. Ruto that this country has had a system like the one he is trying to reinvent. We fought that system. We brought down that system. We will do so to the one he is inventing now. We will bring it down.

Let us all stand up for our country before it is too late.

Thank you.’’

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