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Randy, Power hungry Kisumu CS on the Spot – Weekly Citizen



Randy, Power hungry Kisumu CS on the Spot – Weekly Citizen

Kisumu County Secretary mzee John Auma is a lone ranger now walking a tight rope barely a year after he was given job through the back door.

Auma who surprisingly appeared before the Kisumu County Assembly appointment committee twice has had it rough and seemingly the dust won’t settle any soon.

during the vetting process, Mzee Auma had presented two national Identify Cards, that he claimed to be all his , forcing the committee to dig deep on his character.

During his vetting it was apparent that he has been a poor worker with questionable records in areas where he had been stationed at.

His last posting at Kenyatta National Hospital, he left in a huff after being chased away due to issues which undermines the integrity of a person.

His past now turning up in full glare, with Kisumu residents wondering how he slipped through the assembly Committee to be appointed as a County Secretary.

This is after it emerged that at one point he was jailed for a criminal case, not to mention his presentation of various academic and government documents containing both ID numbers , a matter that is still a puzzle.

Kisumu county governor Anyang Nyongo

While at his work station, Auma has managed to attract a host of enemies after it emerged that he is doing things while disobeying orders from Governor Anyang Nyong’o who was long thought to have sponsored him.
From.the latest incidences and events around the county executive corridors , it’s now clear that his actual god father, is a known contractor who has taken all the contracts in Kisumu.

Mzee Auma, in his own rules and in an attempt to prove his powers has blocked the suitability tests for county government drivers, revenue and environment officers whose terms are nearing expiry and are waiting to be confirmed.

“Homa Bay, Siaya, Vihiga and even Nairobi counties have confirmed their workers, why is Auma frustrating this process in Kisumu,” wondered a Kisumu county employee.

Shamelessly it is an open and shocking secret that Mzee Auma is reported to be embroiled in a love triangle with a junior county employee, exposing his other appetite for the so called ‘youngings’ as soon as the sun goes down

“The girl belongs to a very junior officer in the county , now Auma is using his influence and little resources he has amassed from the county during this short period, to literally short change this young man,” the source went further to say.

The relationship between Auma and Governor Nyong’o is said to be strained with the latter looking for possible areas and the slightest hint to have him fired.

“His contract is valid for three years, which ought not to have been, save for county attorney a Mr Iddris Omondi, who messed up everything.

Our little bird within the corridors of the county executive cited that ‘This guy ought to have been given between 6 months to one year contract,” he said.

As at the Moment , Auma is said to be ignoring directives by the Governor, issuing circulars which are not authenticated by the office of the Governor, thus putting him at loggerheads with the appointing authority.

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