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Read Anerlisa’s savage responce to, ‘You’re gaining a lot of weight’




Anerlisa Muigai has been very open and candid about her weight loss journey.

She has been posting pictures of her before she decided enough was enough and worked towards losing some weight.

It has not been an easy journey for her. She has been body-shamed and even worse she was severally been accused of going under the knife to shed some fat.

Anerlisa Muigai/ Instagram

Though Anerlisa has severally denied those claims saying she had to watch what she was eating and she had to work out.

So today a certain Hazel who is clearly a fan of the CEO, commented on a video of Anerlisa dressed in a fitting yellow off-shoulder top and a black skirt and said,

you’re gaining a lot of weight mummy. do something

You can imagine what was running through the heiresses head with all the work she has out in. She gave a savage response saying,

and you need to do something with your life to get on the top mummy. do something

Let us be real though, Anerlisa has made sure she has built a foundation for herself and her family with her business and that of her mother. That she can brag about.


So if that is her weapon, then she will throw it every once in a while.

From the comment section, Anerlisa has a very loyal and strong army. So many people in her defense and had a lot of negative things to tell Hazel.

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It got so bad, Hazel had to come to defend herself saying,

Why get offended? Aren’t you the one selling a weight loss app? How are people gonna trust it if it’s not working on you? Learn to take positive criticism. It was on a light note

And to the Anerlisa army, she said,

Lol. It hit her so bad and that’s why she had to retaliate with that top nonsense. She doesn’t even know me in the first place. I don’t know why she took offense yet that was on such a light note, a very honest observation considering she sells a weight loss app.

This is a lesson to anyone who will come after Anerlisa, she has an army and a head full of responses, so tread carefully.

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