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Recce Squad Officer Killed in Nakuru



Recce Squad Officer Killed in Nakuru

According to police reports, the GSU officer was in the company of his two brothers when a gang of five men armed with rungus and machetes attacked them on their way home in Nakuru West.

The brothers, who were coming from a meeting when the attack happened, sustained severe injuries and were rushed to the Nakuru Level 5 hospital.

A police Labd Cruiser on patrol PHOTO/Courtesy

Unfortunately, the said officer later succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment.

Investigations into the incident are underway.

When these thugs kill the officers, it is the families of these officers that suffer the most because these officers are daughters, sons, and breadwinners in their families,” Nakuru County Police Commander Peter Mwanzo said.

Mwanzo stated during a security meeting in Manyani, Nakuru Town West, on November 10, that there is a need for a radical approach in the fight against crime in Nakuru.

“What is the driving force of these criminals, even after overpowering their victims and stealing from them, why should they kill you, this is destructive, malicious and completely inhumane.

“In as much as we are talking about human rights in terms of management of crime, but is there any human dignity to these criminals even when they’re attacking innocent public and how do you expect the police to behave going forward?” Mwanzo said.

The meeting was attended by residents and security heads from all the Nakuru sub-counties.

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