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Revealed! ¨Diana Marua was born to a Luo father and Kikuyu mother 30 years ago¨ Diana seniors Bahati with 5 years now



If one were to pick just one thing that has had Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua hit back and forth with, it must be her age as she actually confirms she is 30 and not 27.

Previously, the gospel star had revealed that the two had a 2-year age gap which Diana confirms is false.

Diana´s seniority to her young hubby has seen her tagged all sorts of mean names including ´shosh wa Baha´ and even ´mother and son´ when the two are together.

However, Diana Marua had earlier on expressed that Bahati´s age to her, doesn´t matter because after all, her hubby exhibits more maturity than his older counterparts.

People have pointed out that he is younger than me.

When we started out, it did not bother me because Bahati is more mature than most men older than me in his thinking.

Further on, speaking to True Love magazine, the mother of 2 revealed [if I may quote the article]:

Diana Marua was born to a Luo father and Kikuyu mother 30 years ago.

Her father worked in a private hospital in the city while her mother was a housewife.

Up and Close on NTV´s #TheTrend, the model shared that Bahati will be turning 25 in 2019.

This is to confirm the 5-years age gap between the couple.

However, Bahati´s defense in response to Diana´s seniority to him was:

I´m proud of my wife´s age.

I always wanted an older woman,

I matured up at the age of 12, growing up in the ghetto and I knew I´d want a woman who wouldn´t stress me out.

And to wrap it all up the EMB records´ founder lovingly expressed:

Shosh wa Bahati ameivaa.

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