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Revealed! Tanasha Donna converted to Islam in the hopes of becoming Diamond’s wife




It gets messier. The Holy month of Ramadhan is here and to our utter surprise, Tanasha Donna is now Aisha.

Yes, you read that right. Remember there was always the issue of Diamond dating a non-muslim and his family tried as much as possible to convert Tanasha and it worked.

Last year during the month of Ramadhan, the two posted a picture together dressed in the Islam attire and guys went ham on Tanasha for mocking the religion. Turns out she was not, she is actually Muslim.

Jamal Gaddafi let the cat out of the bag as they had their first Iftar with the singer. He posted videos of them sharing a meal last night and asked Tanasha how it feels to fast.


“It is good it is amazing, I love it. “Tanasha answered

Jamal then posted on his feed an encouraging message too and revealed her Muslim name which is Aisha.

First iftar with Tanasha. Mungu amuongoze na akubali saum zake na wote walio funga leo Ameen 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Btw her name is AISHA. Let’s support her in her new journey 😊

The post got a lot of hate especially because of her dress code. As we know, our Muslim sisters cover their body ensuring no skin is showing, but Tanasha had her thighs out. She was dressed in a lime green mini skirt and her hair was not covered.


Messham: Tanasha Ismal religion is sacred and your clothes are a form of mockery yo the religion.

Mukash: In my country, Muslim ladies can only see their face can’t even see their hair but for you, fashion wear is what you go for😂😂😂😂

Dhahabu: Jamani please stop joking. With that skirt?😂

Jay: This is great news but tell her to cover up

Jerim: dress code muhimu sana especially moments of Ramadhan if truly u are a Muslim dada. Aiii wharriz this shualiiii hata kama.

Fynn: Let her dress like a decent Muslim. Bi Aisha must respect herself. Where is she from? God can not visit the naked😳😳😳

See what Diamond does for Zuchu that he never did for Tanasha (PHOTOS)

Others were happy for her while other made fun of her that she decided to convert in the hopes of getting married to Diamond yet it never saw the light of day.

If she really is Muslim, we wish her and our fellow Muslim brothers and sister Ramadhan Kareem and may all their prayers be heard.

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