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Rubis Rolls Out A Challenge For Kenyan Motorists



Rubis Rolls Out A Challenge For Kenyan Motorists

Rubis Rolls Out A Challenge For Kenyan Motorists

By Soko Directory Team / Published January 26, 2023 | 10:41 am

RUBiS Energy Kenya has launched a 4-week challenge dubbed ‘Fanikiwa na Ultra Tec’, rallying motorists to use Ultra Tec fuel to gauge their fuel consumption and how much they can save using the product.

Ultra Tec is an additivized fuel that is designed to improve vehicle cleanliness and performance while reducing emissions. It also contributes to the preservation of the environment and optimum engine performance while improving fuel economy to save customers money.

“Great customer service is at the heart of what we do. The Ultra Tec fuel will reduce emissions and bring about cost efficiency. This promotion gives motorists a chance to test for themselves the efficiency of the fuel and determine how much they can save. The fuel is available at all Rubis stations countrywide,” said RUBiS Energy Group Managing Director Mr. Jean-Christian Bergeron.

To be eligible for the promotion, customers will be required to purchase any amount of fuel and dial the short code *789*88# to complete the entry form.

There will be fifty (50) weekly winners who will each win three thousand Kenya shillings (3,000 KES) worth of fuel. There will also be ten (10) grand winners who will each win one hundred thousand Kenya shillings (100,000 KES) worth of fuel.

Ultra Tec is available in two fuel types: Ultra Tec Petrol and Ultra Tec Diesel, each of which provides superior vehicle performance and fuel efficiency benefits at no additional cost to the customer.

Through expert testing, Ultra Tec Petrol has been found to improve fuel economy, obtain, and sustain greater engine cleanliness, and reduce vehicle emissions hence contributing to the preservation of the environment. Among its many benefits, it also improves vehicle acceleration and promotes optimum engine performance.

Ultra Tec Diesel has been shown to improve fuel economy, enhance maximum fuel combustion, prevent exhaust emissions and smoking, and protect the vehicle against fuel system corrosion.

Ultra Tec accomplishes all of this by removing deposits in the engine structure thus providing a cleaner engine which results in greater fuel efficiency, increased performance, and reduced emissions. A cleaner engine means spending less on maintenance in the long term.

Providing Ultra Tec to customers within the RUBiS network is an important step in Rubis’ commitment to meet all the fueling and convenience needs of customers.

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