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Safaricom launches 5G Bundles after expanding to more counties



Safaricom launches 5G Bundles after expanding to more counties

Customers in Kenya on the Safaricom network can now enjoy 5G speeds with 5G-specific bundles for their 5G ready devices. The leading Telco has also recently launched new experience centres across Nairobi, to give people an idea of what 5G can do.

The experience centres are through a partnership with Huawei, across Village Market, The Hub, and BuruBuru Safaricom Shops.

Customers visiting these centres will be able to experience Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming, and much more to fully see the things that 5G enables.

Right now, Safaricom 5G coverage has expanded to 11 counties including Siaya, Vihiga, Kajiado, Kiambu, Kakamega, Nakuru, Machakos and Kisii. This is in addition to Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa.

5G Bundles:

These are specifically bundles you buy on your phone. Safaricom already has 5G for Home and Businesses plans where you get a router and pay a monthly fee.

Before you get these Safaricom 5G bundles, make sure you live in any of the areas mentioned above, and have a 5G ready phone, with a 5G signal on your notification bar. If all that’s met, then you can dial *444# and choose between the following options:

Price Bundle (Valid for 30 days)
1000 15 GB
2000 35 GB
3000 65 GB
5000 100 GB
10000 200 GB


These are 5G specific bundles. It’s not clear if Safaricom is doing them the same way 4G-specific bundles were done where you could only access internet over a 4G connection. If so, you can install an app from the Play Store (Android) and force your signal to always be on 5G.

Also, these expire after 30 days with no option for carrying unused resources over. So you must complete each package before your 30 day period expire.

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