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Safaricom launches modified M-Pesa application for minors



Safaricom has launched a modified M-Pesa application that allows minors to perform transactions in a controlled manner.

The application allows minors to have access to financial services with minimal parental supervision so as to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.

Communication and Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo has said that the new MPesa platform will allow children under the age of eighteen to transact in a regulated manner.

The Cabinet Secretary said that the ministry is working towards implementing strategies that will protect digital fiber-optic cables and infrastructure while at the same time reviewing policies that protect children from Cyber-bullying.

“The world is rolling on the wheels of the digital technology. The Digital Technology is at once the engine, the fuel, the wheels and the driver taking the global community into the future. ” Said Owalo.

Adding that: “If you are not yet on board, you’ll be left behind. Our children must be intentionally but protectively brought on board.”

He said that policies to protect digital infrastructure will be put in place to ensure reduced vandalism.

The CS challenged Safaricom to think not just about getting the young to be passengers in their vessels and urged them instead to encourage children to dare to dream, and to dare to test their dreams.

“Entities like Safaricom can develop digital laboratories for the youth, as part of their corporate social responsibility. Through talent hunting mechanisms, they can encourage our young people set out early on their voyages of digital discoveries and innovation. ” CS noted.

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