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Samsung set to launch ‘Self Repair Assistant’ app for DIY fans



Samsung has over the past few years been at the forefront of offering excellent after-sales services to their customers. The first major move was pledging to offer 4 years of software updates, and 5 years of security updates to their flagship devices, which was a first in the Android scene.

The second move came much more recently when the tech giant in partnership with iFixit introduced a Self-Repair program in the USA where Galaxy device users in the States would acquire tools for DIY (Do It Yourself) repairs. iFixit is responsible for supplying the components, tools and instructions needed for the repairs.

Fast-forward to November, and it seems that Samsung is on the verge of extending their DIY program to more devices through the introduction of a new mobile app dubbed “Self Repair Assistant” app as Sammobile reports

Sammobile claims that Samsung has made a trademark application for the said app, whose icon consists of a stylized cogwheel and wrench on a blue background. The trademark filing describes “Self Repair Assistant” as a “computer application software for mobile phones for self-installation and self-maintenance of smartwatches, tablets, mobile phones, and earbuds.”

The application is intended to provide “consultancy and information services relating to self-installation and self-repair” of various mobile device types. Therefore, instead of customers heading into iFixit’s website to get guides and information on how to fix their devices, the new app will act as a new hub to get the necessary information that you might need pertaining to your Galaxy device.

When the program was first introduced in partnership with iFixit, only a few models were eligible, including the Galaxy S20 and S21 series as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+. By planning to introduce a new application, this will hopefully mean that the range of devices covered in the program will also increase.

However, since Samsung has not come out to publicly acknowledge the existence of the application, only time will tell whether it will be released to the public. Nevertheless, it makes perfect sense for the company to make life as easy as possible for DIY enthusiasts who will definitely benefit from an app housing the necessary information they might need to fix their devices.

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