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Shock as elderly coupled found dead and dumped in a pit latrine



A village in Mtwapa, Kilifi County remains in shock after the bodies of two elderly couple were found dumped in a pit latrine on Monday evening.

The couples are believed to be Mr. Mohideen Abdullah and his wife Rukiway Ghordabaksh. They are aged 74 and 72 years respectively and are suspected to have been killed and discarded in the pit latrine by their firm caretaker whose where about is still unknown.

According to close relatives privy to the information, the two are dairy farmers and there were concerns from their customers who had reported that Mr. Mohideen had not delivered milk for two days as he was accustomed to.

According to Ms. Fatma Mohideen who is a nice to Mr. Abdullah, he had contacted the caretaker on Monday evening to ask about the where about of the couples and he told her that they had gone out. She suspected that the bodies could have been dumped in the pit latrine on Saturday evening.

It was unusual for the couples to go out in the evening and the prompted the relatives to go to the house in Mtepeni village and confirm the reports.

On Monday evening they found the house was abandoned and ransacked and all the electronic items were taken. The couple’s car was outside and the caretaker was nowhere to be seen.

After sensing fouls play, they informed the police who came and conducted a search and discovered the bodies in the latrine.

The relatives said that the couples were living the caretaker in the home with no other occupant.

Police are pursuing the caretaker who is the prime suspect to the murders.

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