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Sickness factor in court battle for late Nyachae riches looms – Weekly Citizen



Sickness factor in court battle for late Nyachae riches looms – Weekly Citizen

Michael Moragiae Nyachae, son of the late cabinet minister with his estranged third wife Martha Mwango, is reportedly using his octogenarian’s mother fragile health condition as a bargaining chip for control of his late father’s estate.

The 59-year old business executive filed a frivolous suit last week in an effort derail court progress on the call for the family to proceed to arbitration.

With his incapacitated mother out of the way, Michael has been commandeering his mother’s lawyers, to frustrate efforts to resolve the succession dispute that has been going on since October last year.

Just six days after he admitted his mother at the Aga Khan University Hospital, he rushed to court to file a suit asking the court to interpret a ruling it had issued the previous day.

Purporting to keep his mother’s interest at the centre of his antics, Michael has relocated his mother from her peaceful Kisii village to an apartment in Nairobi, hiring a team of medics to attend to her as he carries out his plot to derail the resolutions.

Nyachae family owns Sansora Group Ltd, Sansora Ltd, Simbi Investors, Sansora Bakery Ltd, Kabansora Ltd, Sansora Oil Mills Ltd and Credit Bank Limited . Sansora Group employs hundreds of workers and these latest antics by Michael puts at risk the running of the companies and subsequently upsets the livelihood of the employees.

Mwango’s case now draws yet another battle as her firstborn son, the East Africa Court of Justice judge Charles Nyachae filed another one before Family Court judge Eric Ogola seeking to bar Wamuyu and Nyandusi from managing the family business.

On September 9 2015, Nyachae, who served in the governments of presidents Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki, laid out his plans for distributing his wealth to his wives and children, after his passing.

The former Ford-People leader bequeathed each of his widows Sh1 million, granting them membership to the millionaire’s club.

However, Wamuyu received an additional Sh2 million for her exceptional support and dedication in managing and running his business and health affairs.

Each of his sons and daughters received Sh500,000.

According to his will, if any of his sons or daughters predeceased him, their share of the wealth would pass to their respective mother.

If the mother had already passed, it would be inherited by their children.

In his will, Nyachae identified three wives: Nyaboke, Mwango and Wamuyu. He listed Charles, Kenneth, Michael, Joseph, Noah, and Esther as Mwango’s children.

Nyaboke’s children were Samuel, Rosemary, Angela, Janice, and Jackline, while Wamuyu’s were Eric, Leon, Lee, and Pauline.

He also acknowledged another daughter, Mary, born to Drusilla Kemunto.


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