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Six ways to rock boots to work



There are so many ways you style your boots with your work outfits so that they don’t give a casual vibe (Shutterstock)

Boots are mostly considered casual wear in the world of fashion. It’s a bit challenging to find ways to pair them especially when going to the office.

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However, there are so many ways you style them with your work outfits so that they don’t give a casual vibe when you’re supposed to present yourself a certain way.

To give you an idea on how to rock them, below are six style tips you can use the next time you plan to wear boots to work.

  1. Select your outfit carefully

Your clothes have a huge impact on your general style, no doubt. They determine how well put together you’ll look and whether you’ll be able to pull off an office friendly vibe when pairing your boots. If you wear your boots with something too short or too tight for example, you might look like you’re going for a date and everywhere else but work. Find the perfect balance in your outfit as this will help you seamlessly style your boots for work.

  1. Stick to the pointed toe boots

Pointed heels and shoes have an elegant feel to them. They elongate your frame and make you look well put together. The rounded toe boots can easily backfire and throw the whole look off, which is what you definitely do not want. Stick to the pointed toe heels whether you’re wearing them with trousers, dresses or skirts.

The best heels for a day at the office is the flat, low or medium heel (Shutterstock)

  1. Avoid a super high heel

The best heels for a day at the office is the flat, low or medium heel. Boots are already sexy so it’s easy to go overboard when you don’t pay attention to the heel details. A higher heel is also a little uncomfortable when you need to move around a lot which is why selecting a more comfy length is essential. You’ll be able to look stylish at the office without getting sore feet and mood swings.

  1. Work with suede or leather

Selecting the right material is also essential for boots at the work place. The best materials to work with are either leather or suede because they blend well with work wear and don’t draw too much attention. Stay away from the velvets, perspex and other materials that don’t really blend well with official wear.

  1. Plain colors are the best

Another way to pair boots and work wear is by choosing plain colors. Bright colors and patterns distract the eye and can make your work outfit look a little too casual for the office. Choose colors like black or dark brown and switch up to brighter colors when you’re meeting up with your friends after work hours.

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  1. Skip the thigh high boot

By now you should know that thigh high boots are a little too risqué for the office. Whether they’re flat or heeled, these are more suited for a casual day or a night out. The only way they can be toned down is if they’re tucked in trousers but, that would be rather uncomfortable to wear. Also, this would be a waste of style because they should be flaunted and worn as is. So, when going to the office, it’s better to wear ankle boots or medium length boots for a more presentable look.

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